Nothing Diet About It!

Most of us have practically grown up on maggie, aerated drinks, french fries, chips, burgers, pizza and lots of other not-so- healthy stuff. While some of us have been lucky enough not to put on those extra pounds, most others like me (now) realise the importance of a healthy and balanced living!

Isn’t it so intriguing, that while those extra pounds come in so easily, losing them can be quite a task? I can vouch for it because I am personally following a strict diet regime. Offlate, I have also been experimenting and exploring new ways and recipes to make the healthy food more appealing to the husband.

I guess, just like me, you too would have been perplexed so often – how to make a tasty, yet healthy meal? So, I will share with you some recipes which not only taste good, but are also easy to make.

Diet food is usually associated with deprivation; to a certain extent it indeed is….it is deprivation from oil, sugar, junk and eating mindlessly but certainly not from food. For sure it does not mean staying hungry and keeping an artificial and content smile on the face...that much for losing weight is never really worth it.

Let me summarise some basic rules and tips that I have mopped up from some good articles/books (Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight! By Rujuta Diwekar), prescribed to by the dieticians (Disha at Olympia at GK-II) and inspired from observing the healthy people I know (Siddharth Pachauri and Mandakini Sharma).

1) Ideally, the food in the day should follow this rule from breakfast-lunch-dinner: high carbs to low carbs to no carbs

2) Eat more veggies and fruits, they give a fuller feeling

3) Switch to Daliya and brown rice instead of the standard basmati

4) Multi grain bread is healthier and tastier than brown bread; it keeps the stomach full, longer

5) Introduce soups and salads, before lunch and dinner to avoid overeating

6) Don’t deprive yourself of anything, instead have it in a small quantity in high activity time, e.g. eating a chocolate in the morning or afternoon is better than having it at night. One could also have it just before or after exercise; the extra calories won’t sit around!

7) Try having dinner before 7-7.30 pm and avoid salt and sugar past this time

In the days to come I will share with you several healthy food recipes, which would also include a variety of soups and salads. Starting with Vegetable Daliya Pulao.

Healthy Living!!


Dhivya said…
Hi Ishita

Great job on your blog.. So I am actually going to make what you publish.. the Gajar halwa looks wonderful.. I hate grating it though :)... So dont only put healthy food put a mix of both :)

Ishita said…
Thanks Dhivya, I have no plans for sticking to only health food...will be putting lots of other interesting stuff, like soon to follow are a chocolate and carrot cake, I know grating carrots can be quite painful, why don't you use ur food processor for that? And if u want to make it real quick, use only half the quantity for a start!! Good luck, do let me know how it turned out!!